Insect Nets & Repellents

Keep the bugs at bay while you enjoy the great outdoors. When you shop here at you will find a fantastic selection of products to keep bugs away, whether you are relaxing in your backyard or exploring the backcountry. When you’re on the move, keep mosquitoes, horse flies and other pests away from the sensitive parts of your face and head with a Stansport mosquito head net. At night you can stay comfortable with Coghlan’s mosquito net over your sleeping bag. Herbal insect repellent like the ones we offer here is a great way to keep pests away from your exposed skin without toxic chemicals; these products are even safe for pets, children, babies and pregnant. When you’re in camp, keep flies away from you with a fly ribbon trap or two spaced out around you.

Don’t worry about flying and crawling insects when you’re outside; you can find all the products you need to repel bugs when you shop with us. Choose from mosquito nets, insect repellent spray, fly ribbon traps, insect repelling towelettes and more. In camp, you can keep away mosquitos for up to 200 hours with Twist-It Mosquito Repeller strips. Already been bit? We offer an excellent herbal anti-bite and itch liquid that will reduce swelling and itching so you can shrug it off. Make the most out of your outdoor expeditions with all of our great products. Be ready for anything with emergency gear like all-weather fire-starting tabs, a water-resistant digital watch and a pink survival bracelet.