Walking & Trekking Sticks

Get outside and get walking in comfort and in style. The right walking trekking sticks can make all the difference when you’re out and about, whether you’re in the park or in the backcountry. Add support and stability over long distances and around obstacles with the right walking and trekking sticks. Lightweight, adjustable options here include quality trekking poles from Alpine Mountain Gear and Yukon Charlies that are great for long distances and hikers that prefer to travel fast. Trekkers that prefer a heavier, more solid walking stick can choose from beautifully crafted propylene options made by Cold Steel in a large variety of designs. A walking staff or stick is perfect for balance as well as an additional tool in your self-defense arsenal. Take your time looking through this great selection to find the right stick for your trekking.

Whether you are concerned with additional balance, more support or self-defense, you will find something to love here in our selection of walking and trekking sticks. The Cold Steel staffs and sticks available here are durable injection-molded polypropylene, guaranteed to last you for years to come; their unique designs are sure to draw attention and admiration. Need something more compact? The Yukon Charlies’ Flipout Trekking Pole folds down into three parts for easy storage at home and on the trail. Don’t miss all the fantastic equipment here on our website, from Snugpak sleeping bags to dome tents to tree hammocks. Whatever you need to head outside, you can find it here.