Glow Sticks

Get more hours out of the day when you bring along glow sticks for camping. Glowsticks are a great way to stay safe after the sun goes down, whether you are using them to be visible to traffic or to navigate safely in the dark. A 12-pack of Orion glow sticks offers 128 hours of light so that you can do more. Want something that can be turned off and saved for later? Tryout Life Gear’s LED twist-off glow sticks. Stay visible on the road LED spoke lights on your bicycle; these lights make you and your bike more visible to motorists so you can ride in safety. Whenever you need gentle lighting quickly and easily, use glow sticks. Shop with us for all your needs.

Not only are glowsticks great for nighttime safety and illumination, they also make for great entertainment for kids. Whether you are outside for an overnight family adventure or indoors waiting out a power outage, cracking a glow stick for your kids to play with can provide hours and hours of entertainment. Explore all the great options we offer here to discover the perfect lighting solution for your next camping trip, cookout or sleepover. Need more outdoor supplies to keep the light burning at night? You can find a great array of flashlights, including standard-sized and keychain flashlights. Need your hands free? Check out our selection of Princeton Tec and Nitecore headlamps to find the right one for you and your family on your next outdoor adventure.